Las Vegas corporate identity design including logo design, business card design and printing and a branding theme.

Specialty business cards created for nightclub. We designed the logo and part of our workflow involves a unique “thinking ahead thought process.” <br><br> These corporate identity concepts require branding techniques. To enhance their brand to better target their upscale demographics. These cards printed on thick, Trifecta side-colored card material stock.

For the employees of this Las Vegas VIP nightclub and night life concierge company, we designed a more sophisticated and sexy business card and had them printed on the latest trend in biz card printing called Tri-fecta which basically is a thicker card stock that has a color printed on all sides. Very cool!

These promotional business card designs are given away after patrons at that nights' Las Vegas nightclub are photographed. The cards contain the information necessary to locate your picture online for purchase the next day via a custom link.

Las Vegas nightlife for those partygoers looking to go VIP thru Sin City. A hot design with a tagline we concepted that brings all the emphasis to the companys' mission...“giving your night life”

Corporate identity design encompassing logo concept to design [], letterhead, full-color envelope, business cards, social media flyers, email template layout and build out as well as initial social media postings carrying the branded imagery across all mediums.

Poker event logo creation design for Grand Casino in Wisconsin. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is a promotional logo made for a specific high profile poker tournament.

infin80 creative Custom Logo Design

Logo designer and business card graphic design for Coosha Travel, a very well managed travel agency located in Las Vegas with outstanding reviews and reputation. View our premier #WebsiteDesign as well at


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